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  • When choosing the size of a child's dress, it is recommended that you choose according to the height and chest circumference of a similar dress of your child. In general, children's dress sizes are classified according to age, but you can also choose according to your child's height and weight.
  • For example, even if your child is 80 cm tall, his weight may be more than other children, and therefore you need to choose a larger size.
  • You should also consider how big the differences between dress sizes are. For example, the 8 year size offered by one brand may not be the same as the 8 year size offered by another brand. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully examine the size chart and choose accordingly.
  • You can also try to understand whether the dress is suitable or not by observing your child's movements and comfort.


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children's evening dress

  • Length: Below knee
  • Material: Chiffon, Polyester, Lace,
  • Sleeve length: Short sleeve
  1. Made of high quality chiffon and polyester fabric, breathable and skin-friendly, anti-itch and soft.
  2. Size Chart refers to age ranges for girls, but these are for general guidance only. Hand wash and dry.
  3. O-neck, sleeveless and backless, bodice covered in guipure lace and chiffon hem, solid color and zipper closure at the back.
  4. Perfect for party, wedding, pageant, birthday, holiday, photo shoot, formal event or other special occasions.
Dimension Length Chest
74 64
78 66
9-10 84 70
11-12 86 72

Take the measurements of a similar dress and compare it with this table. This makes size selection easy. The measurements in the table belong to the dress and are written in CM.

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Make your daughter's special moments unforgettable with our stylish and high-quality children's evening dresses. In addition to our high quality fabrics, your daughter will always have the most stylish look with our detailed embroideries and elegant designs.

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