Sequined Double Breasted Fishnet Long Evening Dress 91392921

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  • Dimensions are below

Sequined Double Breasted Fishnet Long Evening Dress

Get ready to dazzle with your elegance this summer, whether at weddings, engagements or special celebrations! Our fishtail evening dress collection brings you together with an indispensable piece. For a striking look and a lasting effect, meet the chiffon tulle maxi summer evening dress, one of the standout pieces of this season. This gold evening dress , which will surround you like a sweet summer breeze, will be with you for all your occasions, from daily use to special night events, from weddings to engagements.

Why Should You Choose This Product?

This dress dazzles with its stylish design and high-quality materials. It has v-neck evening dress and fish model evening dress details, which are indispensable trends in the evening dress world. The product, which offers these two features together, allows you to always be fashionable.

  • Stylish and Elegant: This dress offers an extremely stylish and elegant look with its mermaid cut and v-neck. This model, which has a unique place among long evening dresses, adds sparkle to the night with its sequined details.
  • High Quality: The dress is made of high quality polyester fabric. This soft and skin-friendly fabric is durable and flexible and provides comfortable use.
  • Versatile Use: You can wear this dress at formal parties, evening parties, cocktail parties, wedding parties, prom, graduation ceremonies, engagement and engagement ceremonies and other special events.

Product features

  • Sequin Evening Dress : The elegant sequins on the dress provide a sparkling and attractive look. In this way, you will always be eye-catching at parties and special events. The sequins that cover the entire evening dress provide a sparkling appearance. This elegant evening dress has a dazzling shine with sequined details.
  • High Quality Fabric : This dress is made of high quality polyester, which is soft and flexible for your skin. This fabric makes the suit durable and wear-resistant for long-term use.
  • V-Neck and Fishtail Model : The combination of V-neck evening dress and fishtail model evening dress provides both an elegant and modern look.
  • Double Breasted V-Neck: The v-neck of the evening dress stands out with a feminine touch. The double-breasted neckline evening dress model is an option suitable for all body types.
  • Mermaid Cut: The mermaid cut of the dress, which widens from the waist level and narrows down to the knee, elegantly displays your body lines. This mermaid model evening dress is a different and stylish alternative to long evening dresses.

Colour options

Our product appears before you with a rich color scale. You get a choice of pink, black, burgundy, navy blue or green colors with your chiffon evening dress.

  • Pink Evening Dress: Ideal for those who want to add a romantic and feminine atmosphere.
  • Black Evening Dress: Perfect for those who want to achieve a classic and elegant look.
  • Burgundy Evening Dress: Great for those who want a strong and bold look.
  • Navy Blue Evening Dress: The best option for those looking for a sophisticated and noble look.
  • Green Evening Dress: Perfect for those who want to create a fresh and energetic look.

Immerse yourself in this summer's trends and show off your elegance with our collection of chiffon dresses for weddings . You can turn all eyes on you with a stylish v-neck evening dress or double-breasted evening dress . Our collection of long evening dresses is dazzling with its color options and comfortable patterns. Visit our website now to discover our chiffon dress evening dress models!

Dress measurements are made in CM
Dimension Length Chest Waist
P 34-36 150
M 38-40
90-95 72-77
L 42-44 151
95-100 78-82
XL 46-48 152
100-105 82-86
2XL 50-52 152
105-110 88-92
Take the measurements of your similar dress and compare it with this table. This makes size selection easy. The dimensions in the table are given in CM.
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