If you don't get an answer, make sure you do these.

Start communication with the e-mail address you used during ordering. Other email addresses will not be answered.


Information about the order can only be received by e-mail. You cannot get information about your order from Facebook. To protect customer safety, we do not use this method

Our Email Address


Factory / Head Office Address: ESA-9f Honglinda Street Fengze Quanzhou Fujian 362862 PRChina - All transactions will be managed from this address. We are abroad.

We prefer telephone communication and written communication because it is registered. We are aware of the trust issue in this regard, but keeping transactions fast and low-cost is very important for our sales policy. In addition, we do not want to reflect the costs of a customer service department that needs to be established for hundreds of incoming calls to the products. We aim to remain affordable for you.

Please contact the e-mail you used when ordering. Information about the order will not be given to other e-mail addresses.